The Foreign White is a distinguished cat breed recognized by Australian registering bodies as a unique breed with distinct features, whereas in other parts of the world. the Foreign White is considered a White Siamese or White Oriental. 


Size: Medium
Weight: 3.5 – 4.5  kg
Coat Length: Short or Long
Coat Colour: White
Eye Colour: Blue
Grooming: Low
Longevity: 15 – 20 years
Attention Needs: Moderate


Foreign White

History of the Breed

In the 1960s, refinements in the Siamese standard led to the emergence of fully solid-coloured cats. The development of the Foreign White breed ensued through a selective breeding program to create a pure white Siamese. The GCCF officially recognized the breed in 1977. While the initial classification treated each colour of Siamese as a separate breed, this approach was eventually deemed impractical, leading to the consolidation of united breeds into the Oriental Shorthair. However, the GCCF maintains the Foreign White’s distinction as a separate breed.


The sleek physique of the Foreign White bears a resemblance to the contemporary Siamese cat, sharing not only physical traits but also a similar temperament. In line with other oriental breeds, these felines exhibit remarkable affection, spiritedness, and a high level of intelligence.

Characterized by their trim, robust, and muscular build, these cats boast a remarkable and captivating appearance. Noteworthy features of the Foreign White include elegance, refined stature, a lengthy body, deep blue almond-shaped eyes, a wedge-shaped head, an impressive vocal range, and a sociable demeanor towards people.

Often likened to a “low-maintenance dog,” this breed effortlessly lives up to its reputation, offering companionship without the exhaustive demands typically associated with canine care.


The Foreign White cat breed exhibits many of the same traits as Siamese cats. They are known for their high intelligence, delightful temperament, and loving nature.

These felines are affectionate towards their human companions, expecting reciprocal love. Similar to Siamese cats, they crave attention, enjoy lounging on laps, and possess a playful and curious nature.

Foreign Whites are exceptionally loyal, often forming strong bonds with one family member. If you desire a cat that always wants to be close to you, this breed might be an ideal choice.

Due to their demanding and talkative nature, it’s crucial to ensure you have ample time to dedicate to these social cats before bringing one home. Additionally, expressing love through playtime and cuddles is essential for their well-being.

Living With Foreign White

Living with Foreign White Cats is a delightful experience, characterized by their low-maintenance grooming needs. Unlike some other cat breeds, these elegant felines do not demand extensive grooming routines. Maintaining their pristine appearance is a breeze, requiring only a weekly brushing session. This simple grooming ritual not only keeps their luxurious fur soft and glossy but also proves effective in preventing hairballs and minimizing excess shedding.

In addition to the weekly brushing, attending to your Foreign White’s oral hygiene, trimming their claws, and cleaning their ears when necessary are essential components of their care routine. While these tasks may seem minor, they contribute significantly to your cat’s overall well-being and comfort.

Engaging in this grooming routine serves as more than just a practical measure; it becomes a cherished bonding time between you and your Foreign White companion. These cats thrive on affection and attention, making the grooming process an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bond with your feline friend. As you attend to their grooming needs, you’ll find that the shared moments of care and attention create a deeper connection, enriching the companionship between you and your Foreign White Cat.