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Cat Breeders Australia is a website dedicated to ensuring registered breeders have a place to not just list their cattery, but also list their available kittens without fear of potentially breaching their local state or territory advertising requirement.

Each and every advert posted on this page has been checked by a member of our admin team to ensure it meets local state and territory advertising laws before being approved and made available for public viewing.

Furthermore, breeders advertising on this page have been verified with their registering body to confirm they hold a valid prefix and membership. We only approve listings from breeders who are current members of:

  • an ACF Affiliate;
  • an CCCA Affiliate; or

so you know you are adopting a kitten from a properly registered breeder that is bound by their registering body’s Code of Ethics and discipline procedure where necessary.

NOTE: RPBA breeders will not eligible to advertise via our website until such time as RPBA has been recognised by ACF, CCCA and ANCATS.

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