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Welcome to Cat Breeders Australia

Cat Breeders Australia is a website dedicated to helping the general public ensure they are adopting their new kitten or cat from a genuine registered breeder.

Other services we provide to assist you with finding your new fur-baby include:

  • Registering body checks: Every breeder listed on this website has been verified as a registered breeder with their registering body.
  • Guides: Tips and guides are available to help you determine what questions you should ask the breeder before proceeding with adoption, how to avoid becoming the victim of a kitten scam, and more. View our blog to discover our current guides and remember to check back soon as these guides are growing on aregular basis.
  • Cat Show calendar:  Cat Shows are the best place to see a range of pedigree cats and talk to registered breeders to determine if a breed is for you or not. We will be doing our best to ensure all information on this calendar remains current and up to date, however, cannot guarantee last minute changes to shows so all events also include contact information and links to websites of the registering body hosting the show so you can cross check the information provided is correct before travelling to attend a show.
  • Breed Profiles (coming soon!): This is another feature we are currently working on so you can find out more about the breed you are considering so you can more adequately determine if the breed will suit your lifestyle and household.

Breeders Looking to advertise with Cat Breeders Australia

Our breeder package includes:
Unlimited listings – We recommend a cattery listing be created first and then you add/remove available cats/kittens as required throughout your subscription period.
Contact Form – This is so the general public can contact you directly via email, but keep your email address information secure and safe from spammers accessing your information.
Social Media and Website Links
Clickable Phone Link
Photo Gallery
Support available – should you have any issues creating your listing, or with any of the features of our website, feel free to reach out to us via our Support Ticket system.

Our breeder package does include a manual listing review process. All listings are checked to ensure  your advert meets your local state or territory advertising requirement(s) and where necessary we will be in touch if there is an issue with your listing.

Please be aware if we are unable to verify your membership with your registering body via their website, we will contact them for verification and this can result in a delay in the approval process.

At this time, we only accept listings from breeders who are current members of:
an Australian Cat Federation (ACF)Affiliate;
an Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA) Affiliate; or
Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATS)

NOTE: Unfortunately, Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) and Cats Australia breeders will not be eligible to advertise via our website until such time as these bodies and their pedigrees are recognised by ACF, CCCA and ANCATS.

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