Australian Mist cats are characterised by their moderate size, medium bone structure, rounded head, large eyes, and ears. The coat is short yet resilient, and the tail is plumply furred, showcasing their unique and appealing features.


Size: Medium
Weight: 4 – 7 kg
Coat Length: Short
Coat Colour: Spotted or Marbled And Seven Colours – Brown, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Caramel, Gold or Peach
Grooming: Low
Eye Colour: Green
Longevity: 12 – 15 years

Needs: Minimal


Australian Mist

History of the Breed

These delightful short-haired cats originated from the creative mind of Dr. Truda Straede at Nintu Cattery and were meticulously developed over nine years, starting in 1977.

This distinctly Australian cat breed has gained recognition from governing councils across the country. The Australian Mist boasts a diverse gene pool, incorporating genes from more than 30 foundation cats, with half being Burmese, and a quarter each Abyssinian and Australian Moggy.

The Burmese contribution includes dilution for colours, a ‘laid-back’ temperament, four colours, certain patterns, as well as overall size and conformation. Abyssinian genes brought in the beautiful ticking for pattern development, two colours, and a touch of lively intelligence. Australian Moggies contributed to the best spots and, more importantly, to vitality. They also added a dose of ‘uncosseted’ cat genes, which enhanced aspects such as teeth, kidneys, and mothering qualities, and played a role in stabilizing litter sizes around the feline average of four.


The Australian Mist is characterised by its moderate size, medium bone structure, rounded head, large eyes, and ears. The short and resilient coat, along with a plumply furred tail, adds to their distinct features. Available in warm brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold, and peach colours, their pattern showcases delicate spots or intricate marbled swirls against a misty background. Legs and tail are ringed and barred, while the face is lined. The eyes are expressive, ranging in shades of green. With a broad nose, chin, and whisker pads, their appearance exudes a generous expression. Popular among first-time pedigree cat buyers, the Australian Mist’s well-bred yet non-extreme look is inherently cat-like.


The Australian Mist make ideal companions for children of various ages, including very young ones, as they are tolerant of handling and not prone to scratching. While they are lively as kittens, they tend to mellow out a bit as they mature.

Some Australian Mists can be trained to take walks on a lead. Their inclination to snuggle into the nearest lap, whether invited or not, and their constant presence to observe human activities make them fantastic companions for individuals who work from home or those who are unwell.

Whether they are desexed cats or kittens, they easily integrate into households with various cats and dogs. These qualities collectively contribute to creating a truly companionable pet suitable for any household and lifestyle, with an Australian Mist quickly becoming an integral member of the family.

Living With Australian Mists

Australian Mists flourish with human interaction, enabling them to happily stay indoors from dusk until dawn or serve as entirely indoor companions—a benefit, considering the growing preference for keeping pets inside, which also safeguards local wildlife.

These felines are social creatures and appreciate companionship. When their human caregivers are absent, another cat or pet’s presence can fulfil their need for company.