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We are a small cattery based in West Gippsland Victoria and have been breeding Siamese, Orientals & Foreign Whites since August 2006.

Originally, when we became registered breeders, we simply aimed to breed healthy well-adjusted kittens that would become the type of pet we experienced ourselves with Fabio.

However, as time passed, we decided to move into specialising in older-style Siamese. Traditional, or applehead Siamese are quite uncommon. We are using modern lines, however, our progression to older-style Siamese is still very much a work in progress. We are getting more and more litters with older-styled babies in them.

At this time, we are breeding cats that are about halfway in between the current modern Siamese/oriental and old style.

Please note: We breed only solid colours in both Siamese & Orientals at this time. We do not have any bi-colour litters, however, are in the process of getting a tabby (Lynx) so we can produce tabby kittens in the future. Colours currently bred by us include:

  • Seal Point / Black (sometimes referred to as Ebony)
  • Chocolate Point / Chocolate (sometimes referred to as Havana)
  • Blue Point / Blue
  • Lilac Point / Lilac
  • Cinnamon Point / Cinnamon
  • Fawn Point / Fawn
  • White (Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Odd-Eyes)

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