A cat of generally calm demeanour, the Burmilla possesses an affectionate and sweet nature, making interactions with this breed remarkably pleasant.


Size: Medium
Weight: 3.6-5.4 kg
Coat Length: Medium
Coat Colour: Black, Blue Chocolate, Lilac, Caramel, Beige, Apricot
Eye Colour: Green
Grooming: Moderate
Longevity: 7 – 12 years
Attention Needs: Moderate



History of the Breed

This Burmilla requires minimal care and is characterized by a history that traces its origins back to an unintentional mating between a Chinchilla Persian male and a Lilac Burmese female in 1981. The resulting kittens, displaying distinctive black-tipped colouring, prompted the initiation of a deliberate breeding program. This program aimed to amalgamate the short hair of the Burmese, the rounded features from both parent breeds, and the unique colouring observed in the initial offspring.


In terms of appearance, the Burmilla is a medium-sized, robust cat, with a somewhat compact build and considerable muscle mass supported by heavy boning. Emphasizing its roundness, this breed showcases a circular head, rounded ear tips, and a subtly slanted eye profile. The coat is short, soft, and dense due to its ancestral lineage.

Additionally, there is a longhaired variant of the Burmilla, characterized by a luxurious and flowing coat that requires extra grooming attention. This longhaired Burmilla maintains the breed’s distinctive round features and charming disposition.


Delving into the personality traits of the Burmilla, it stands out as a cat with a gentle disposition. This breed is generally easy to befriend, necessitating minimal attention to its well-being. Affectionate and sweet, the Burmilla proves to be an excellent companion.

Living With Burmilla

When living with a Burmilla, it is important to cater to its instincts as adept climbers and jumpers. Providing cat trees and perches will satisfy these needs. Given its sturdy and stocky build, weight management becomes crucial, particularly if the cat lacks sufficient exercise. Regular playtime is enjoyed by Burmillas, who also relish the attention of their caregivers, appreciating stomach rubs and petting. Daily brushing is essential to eliminate loose and dead hairs from the dense coat, and this grooming routine can be seamlessly incorporated into their play sessions.