The graceful Balinese possesses a medium-sized frame characterized by a long, tubular body. The cat exhibits a slender appearance, featuring fine bones without any signs of emaciation.


Size: Medium – Large
Weight: 3.6 – 5.4 kg
Coat Length: Long
Coat Colour: Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Cinnamon Point, Fawn Point, Red Point, Cream Point, including variations including tabby and bi-colour. 
Grooming: High
Eye Colour: Blue
Longevity: 8 – 13 years

Needs: Moderate tendency to shed



History of the Breed

The Siamese breed holds enduring popularity. During the early 1950s, certain Siamese breeders in the United States observed the emergence of kittens with fur puffier than the Siamese norm. Despite confirming the integrity of their breeding program and the absence of other breeds, these breeders encountered kittens with excessively long fur for the Siamese standard. Recognising the beauty of these cats, they designated them as pets rather than breeding stock.

Nonetheless, two Siamese breeders, Helen Smith in New York and Marion Dorsey in California, developed an affection for the longer-haired Siamese and believed in their continued breeding. Upon noticing that breeding Longhair cats together produced litters of Longhairs, they decided to advocate for these cats as a distinct breed. They initiated the process by placing these kittens with like-minded breeders.

Originally, the breed was contemplated to be named “Longhair Siamese,” but Siamese breeders opposed the idea. Considering the natural grace of this breed reminiscent of the movements of Balinese Temple Dancers, the breed was eventually named Balinese.


The Balinese head exhibits a lengthy triangular shape, while the ears are positioned in a manner that extends the triangular appearance. The Balinese possess a distinctive look attributed to their deep blue, slanted eyes, along with a darker hue on their extremities, tail, ears, and face.

The fur on this breed is of moderate length rather than being excessively long. The best indicator of its length is observed in the tail fur. The coat is characterised by its soft and silky texture, lacking an undercoat.


The Balinese is an active and vocal cat reminiscent of its Siamese ancestry and requires cat trees and high perches as essential equipment for living. In the absence of these, anything tall becomes the Balinese’s special perch. The slender figure of this cat conceals a powerful jumper, effortlessly leaping to the tops of refrigerators, bookcases, and even doors.

Living With Balinese

The Balinese cat possesses a slender and delicately boned physique, requiring careful attention to prevent obesity. With ample exercise space, this breed typically maintains a healthy weight. Known for their lively and affectionate nature, Balinese cats enjoy sitting with their owners, purring contentedly while being showered with affection. These feline companions are known for their loving and devoted demeanour.