A lively cat, the American Curl gets along well with people and loves to climb and jump


Size: Medium
Weight: 3.6 – 5.4 kg
Coat Length: Short – Long
Coat Colour: All recognised coat colours & combinations (Some exceptions, which varies depending on who the breeder is registered with)
Grooming: Moderate – High
Eye Colour: Shades of green, green-gold, gold, orange or copper. Blue-eyes or odd-eyes are also allowed for white or bi-colour (including vans) patterned cats and blue eyes required for pointed cats
Longevity: 9 – 13 years


American Curl

History of the Breed

In 1981, in California, Joe and Grace Ruga discovered a kitten with a distinctive feature: backward-curled ears. They welcomed the kitten, named Shulamith, into their home, and she served as the progenitor of the American Curl breed. Shulamith gave birth to kittens, two of which inherited the unique curled ears. Notably, one of these kittens displayed short hair instead of the longer coat characteristic of Shulamith.

The exceptional traits of Shulamith and her offspring quickly captured the attention of feline enthusiasts, leading to the emergence of the American Curl breed. This newfound interest drew breeders and exhibitors, prompting the breed’s recognition for exhibition in the championship category at cat shows.


This feline, is well muscled despite its modest size, boasts a notably elongated body in proportion to its overall build. The American Curl possesses medium-sized bones, signifying a robust physique that defies the elongated body structure.

Characterized by a wedge-shaped head and walnut-shaped eyes, this breed is further distinguished by its lengthy tail and distinctive feature: backward-curled ears. These ears, sizable and gracefully curved at an angle of at least 90 degrees, prominently showcase their natural fur. Notably, the ear tips exhibit flexibility and can be handled without provoking any discomfort.

The American Curl exhibits a silky coat texture regardless of whether it is a short-haired or long-haired variant. Even in its long-haired form, the breed’s coat is more accurately described as semi-long rather than excessively lengthy. Moreover, this breed is acknowledged in a wide spectrum of colors and patterns.


The American Curl breed is recognized for its amiable and sociable nature, often referred to as the “Peter Pan” of cats due to its enduringly youthful and playful demeanor. Renowned for its exceptional temperament, this breed exemplifies an affectionate companion that readily adapts to cohabiting with other pets and children.

Living With American Curls

The American Curl benefits from regular physical activity and thrives in an environment that includes cat trees equipped with perches for climbing and jumping. Given ample space for exercise, they tend to manage their weight effectively. Additionally, they exhibit a preference for interactive play and, although not classified as a traditional “lap cat,” they enjoy being in close proximity to people.