Among the most popular cat breeds, the Abyssinian is easy to care for, and a joy to have in your home. They’re affectionate cats and love both people and other animals.


Size: Medium
Weight: 3.6 – 5.4 kg
Coat Length: Short – Medium
Coat Colour: Tawny (Ruddy), Blue, Cinnamon (Sorrel), Fawn, Chocolate, Lilac
Grooming: Low
Eye Colour: Green, Gold
Longevity: 9 – 13 years


History of the Breed

The Abyssinian cat, a breed attributed as directly linked to the Nile Valley was actually developed and originated in Great Britain. During the 1860s, Lord Robert Napier imported a cat to Britain subsequent to a military expedition in Abyssinia. Named Zulu, this girl became the cornerstone of the present-day Abyssinian breed.

The distinct ticking pattern on their coat bore resemblance to the camouflage seen on wild rabbits. Zulu, possessed this captivating trait and was selectively bred with dometisc cats which shared a similar coat appearance, thus birthing the Abyssinian breed.

This breed gained immense popularity, spreading throughout the world. This widespread appeal acted as a safeguard during the two world wars when the breed faced near-extinction in Europe. Importation of new Abyssinians revived the breed, sustaining its existence. In the late 1960s, Britain encountered another threat to the breed due to the feline leukemia virus. To restore the breed, additional Abyssinians were imported to Britain once more.


The Abyssinian, a medium-sized cat which possesses a long body with well-developed muscles. This breed exhibits an active nature, displaying a penchant for jumping and engaging in play.

It presents a moderate look overall, featuring smooth planes on the head and a gentle dip in the triangular head structure. Notably, rather large ears are positioned tilted forward, contributing to an alert and observant appearance, seemingly attuned to the surroundings. The eyes, appearing relatively large within the facial structure, express the inherent attentiveness and intelligence characteristic of this breed.

The Abyssinian sports a short coat with ear tufts. Its colouring is particularly unique, with bands of colour adorning individual hairs. The coat tends to appear darker along the spine, gradually softening and lightening beneath the neck, on the underside, and within the leg areas.


The Abyssinian breed exhibits an active nature, making them a suitable addition to domestic settings. They demonstrate an affinity for both human companionship and interaction with other animals. These felines engage enthusiastically with their toys for extended periods and derive pleasure from interactive play with their caregivers. Communication is often conveyed in a gentle and subdued manner.

Characterized by their loving and affectionate disposition, Abyssinians exhibit a preference for spending quality time in the company of their caretakers. While their coat requires minimal maintenance, these cats appreciate grooming sessions involving combing or the use of a chamois cloth. In return for such care, they express gratitude through affectionate purring.

Living With Abyssinians

Abyssinian cats are known for their active nature, typically managing their weight through regular exercise. Providing high perches and cat trees enables them to engage in jumping and climbing activities.

These felines are social creatures and appreciate companionship. When their human caregivers are absent, another cat or pet’s presence can fulfill their need for company.