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Approximately 30 something years ago I brought home my first Siamese, A skinny seal tabby point named Chimney. From then on I was hooked “Chimney” became the love of my life and I must admit he suffered (LOL) being taken everywhere with me. Chim loved the car and getting dressed in his bow tie for numerous dinner parties. Little did I know then that he was the beginning of my obsession with the “slinkies”.

Then came “Phoenix & Vincent” litter brothers, another seal tabby point and a choc tabby point both boys lived to a ripe old age!

“Monet” was my first girl an old style apple head seal point who passed away in 2003 from cancer aged 14yrs and is sadly missed.

The love affair with the Orientals began 15 yrs ago when we purchased a black Oriental (Pakado Gabrielle), “Matiesse” only had a brief show career but it was enough to get me hooked on showing cats. Originally I showed Old English Sheep Dogs but I decided that Slinkies were a lot less work!

Several cats followed Matiesse and probably the highlight of our show career to date was with (Calain Jade Emperor) “whom I bred” was awarded Supreme kitten ring 1, Supreme kitten ring 2 and overall Supreme kitten at the Sydney Royal 2002.

Mini Me as he is known has since gone onto to be awarded “Supreme in show” several times.

The fascination with Devon Rex happened several of years ago after seeing these funny looking little pixies at a show and getting to know them. We are now completely besotted by them.

“Once a Devon owner”

Now after several litters of both breeds we have quite a family of cats living with us, (some of them just cannot be moved on) both in the house and in catteries as well as a German Shepard and 3 Japanese chins and a poodle. Our aim to all this is to breed cats with excellent type and welcoming temperament and to promote the breeds as beloved family members.

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  • Registering Body Member Number:66510
  • Registering Body: NSW Cat Fanciers Association Inc (NSW CFA)
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    December, 2021




    August 26,2019

    • Tuesday
    • 9:00am - 10:00am
    • caliancats
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